Howlett photography provides advertising product photography and still life photography for businesses in London, Croydon the whole of the UK and worldwide. Focusing on creative and packshot photography for the luxury good markets including food, jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes & fragrances, drinks & liquids, fashion accessories and still life.

From the start of 2018 Howlett photography starts work out of a newly refurbished Greater London studio, near the hub of the newly dubbed Silicon Valley of the South. Surrounded and inspired by the dynamism of this bustling mini-metropolis, it's the perfect space for still life creations, high end jewellery shoots, cosmetic product & food photography, and pack-shot photography.

Clients Include:

London still life photography for john lewis beauty insider 
pandora jewellery brand logo
Selfridges LOGO
various product photography and packshots
cosmetics photography 
London watch and jewellery photography
Jewellery photography
mens fashion still life photography

The man behind the camera.

Chris Howlett a full accredited member of the A.O.P. has worked in London as a photographer for more than a decade and his work embodies his passion and skill for photography, concentrating on high quality still life and advertising photography.

His enthusiasm drives his quest for perfection and his skill, honed over the years started with fine art often created using old cameras and film. Then, as a early adopter of digital imagery, he learnt the creative digital techniques required to produce the premium high quality photography that his name has become synonymous with.

He grew up with a desire to study art and it was in one these first lessons that he developed this keen and creative eye for photographic composition, lighting and styling. It wasn't long before his spare room was turned into a darkroom; chalks, charcoals and brushes swapped for 35mm and photographic enlargers.

Always an adopter of the latest technologies, its no surprise that currently Chris works with the latest high resolution medium format digital capture suitable for both large billboard advertising and web based media. He can often be found utilising the latest techniques and creative processes available to a experienced creative advertising photographer in 2017.