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Find Your Photography Niche: You Don't Have To Master It All

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve probably been told you need to “niche down.” This buzz phrase is popular on the internet, but what does it actually mean? Does it even apply to photography in the first place? Not only does niching down apply to photographers, but it can help grow your business.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of competition in the photography industry today. Choosing a niche simply means knowing what area you’re the most passionate about, and focusing on that. By narrowing your focus, you have the chance to become an expert in your chosen area. This is an excellent way to attract clients and make a real impact in your field. Are you ready to choose your niche? Keep reading to learn why you don’t need to master it down.

 london and worldwide photographer with camera capturing the momment

Popular Photography Niches

Now that you know why you should niche down, you’ll need to start the search for your niche. Start by exploring the most popular niches and seeing what you like about those. You probably are already familiar with the most popular niches in your area. Things like product, wedding, family, and portrait photography are always in demand.

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should do it. Do research about your area and the photographers already working within their niche. Can you identify any gaps in photography that need to be filled? Maybe there are few luxury wedding photographers in your area willing to travel for destination weddings. Maybe there are no landscape photographers, perhaps you area needs product photography Finding these areas where there’s demand is crucial to choosing a successful niche.

 another specialist photographer taking pictures of nature

How to Find Your Niche

As a photographer, you’ve probably tried a few things already. There are probably certain subjects you’re more passionate about than others. Maybe you can’t stand weddings, but you love other types of events. Perhaps the opposite is true. Finding your niche is all about asking yourself these questions.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. There’s no faster way to discover your photography niche than to step outside of your comfort zone. Network with local photographers in your area and talk to them about what they love about their niche. If you’re feeling bold, ask if these experts will let you shadow them on an event shoot or even an afternoon of nature photography. It might be humbling to work under someone else for a while, but this is how you learn.

Master Of None

There is a lot of pressure to become a master of everything as a photographer. If you’re good at taking photos of fashion looks, you should be a great wedding photographer, right? This isn’t always true. Experienced photographers know there is no use in trying to be good at everything. Instead, find what you’re passionate about and throw yourself into that. If you love taking photos of families with a fun portrait background by Denny Manufacturing, do that. If you’d rather spend time alone in nature photographing sunsets, do that.

There are no rules when it comes to your niche. All that matters is that you choose something you can live with, and you look for areas that have a natural demand. Your business will flourish under your new niche. Most importantly, your photos will only get better.

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