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This week i have a some new creative still life product photography created for London independent sneaker store Footpatrol, stocking footware from famous and lesser-known brands, clothes and accessories. The photographic breif was clear and focused around premium luxury high black gloss backgrounds and shots with cloudy sky background. Below are a few example shots created on the day.

still life cosmetics shot on gloss luxury surface, product photography at its best form London product photographer based in croydon  chris howlett photography

I was asked to create still life photography featuring a new product range, a collaboration with Tokyo based fragrance label retaW and included 3 main products. The results look great and eye catching and required a certian amount of techincall precision as all the products were black and were to be shot on a black high gloss background. 

Individual product packshot of candle product shot in a premium luxury creative still life style from product photographer chris howlett
Still life cosmetic packshot photographer based in London and south of UK creating high end product and creative photography for cosmetics and other luxury goods

Comprised of three items - fragrance tag, sneaker liquid and a fragrance candle. Versatility was key during the design process for the fragrance tag. The tag can be hung anywhere - bedroom/vehicle/wardrobe etc. Staying true to their roots, Footpatrol have also added sneaker liquid to the collection which will aid eliminating odours from your footwear. The final piece in the collection, the candle is carefully crafted from a blend of fragrance oils designed to infuse your surroundings with the most captivating scents. The Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* collection was designed for sneaker-heads looking for lifestyle products that steer away from the norm.

Still life cosmetics captured in south London packshot studio by product photographer chris howlett - cosmetics in the sky 

For this project there was a clear brief which was really helpful in creating the final shots in time and within budget. I usually work with both design/ad agencies and also individual business owners and in this case it was a bit of both. Its important to have a brief before starting the shoot and usually i take a collaborative approach either working with stylists, art directors and clients. Sometimes i come up with the ideas however for this project the breif was already created for me.

If you have an idea, either fully fledged or just an initial concept and your looking for a creative still life photographer to bring your ideas to life then get in contact and we can create something brilliant and unique to your brand and product.