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With the shift in consumer attitudes leaning more towards natural and organic products, this is an exciting time to be creatively involved with new ethically-focused startups such as cosmetics brand, TOSé Apothecary. Based in London, TOSé are helping people rediscover beauty by using chemical free products. Below are some of examples of the creative still life photography I provided for the brand.

Creative product photography, cosmetics photographed in a lifestyle setting with fresh beauty and cosmetics ingredients placed around product. Photographed by London still life beauty photographer Chris Howlett

Consumers nowadays are particularly interested in what goes into their skincare and beauty products so this shoot gave us the opportunity to showcase the natural ingredients used in every element of the TOSé range. To create the still life and lifestyle photography raw ingredients were placed around the products to add interest and provide a simple, natural advertising style to the final piece.

Beauty products, cosmetics make up in lifestyle image on white with flowers and fresh foliage around products, London still life  product photographer
cosmetic packshots of christmas giftset on white as cutout with reflection

All of the images were for use on their website and included some packshots featuring their new gift ranges, along with some lifestyle pieces to appear on landing pages.

For the creative shots, considering the wealth of natural materials available to us, it was an obvious choice to make these vibrant and exotic ingredients the main feature of the shoot: from wild rose buds and ylang ylang to frankincense and myrrh resin; even coffee and Madagascan vanilla.

Lifestyle product photography. Cosmetics products as creative packshot on white with bold shadows. Product is surrounded by wooden boards and dried ingredients  creating that lifestyle advertising look. Photographed in London by still life photographer chris howlett
lifestyle beauty cosmetics on wooden boards with ingredients and products creatively placed on the advertising still life photograph.

Lighting was straightforward, with high overheads casting hard shadows, creating an overall contemporary and fresh look for an equally modern and forward thinking brand.

Whether you're a new start-up or a well established brand, you'll always need great imagery to emphasise your brand's message, so get in contact and let's create something amazing.