Fashion accessories, still life and jewellery

Print media demands the highest quality imagery in a large resolution format which retains detail and rendition somehow lost on the average computer screen. So, of course, I was thrilled to see my work feature in two recent publications, printed on high density magazine paper. Both publications for luxury brands Waldorf Astoria and Conrad feature still life compositions of fashion products, jewellery and accessories. The double page spreads were based on city breaks - New York, Dublin and Lisbon - and highlighted the essential accessories one might want to take along.  All photography and post production was completed at our new photographic studio in south london.

"Wandering the streets around Conrad Dublin calls for easy, timeless accessories that nod to the city’s rich literary history."

 mens fashion accessories, still life product photography featuring clothing jewellery shoes and accessories. All products shot in london photo studio by chris howlett photography

"Get close to the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding Conrad Algarve with accessories that are made for adventure"

 still life fashion accessories from New York. All the products, handbags jewellery dresses and shoes you would need on a city break. Product packshot photography completed by London still life photographer chris howlett

"Step out of Conrad New York and make your mark on Manhattan in a pop of colour, complemented by sleek black accessories embellished with gold"

 Jewellery design layout example. Gold Luxury watches make up this design layout with jewellery pieces on white gloss blocks

When providing photography for print, it's important to consider where text will be positioned. In most cases, the text and art design of the page dictates the positioning of products. An example of this can be seen in the layout of the shot of gilded watches: on the right is the final design with all text and copy applied; below is the original shot with large areas of negative space. Both creative spread shots below were created using white perspex blocks, adding depth and interest to the images without complicating or overpowering the products themselves.

 Jewellery photography in london by Chris Howlett. Selection of gold watches placed on glossy white neutral background. Advertising style product photography shot in London photo studio

As with most of my product photography, the images are made up of several images, or a composite, however, the result is a relatively non-complex medium for promoting full ranges of products.  Getting the best quality image requires multiple shots of both products and backgrounds, and the next examples of product photography provided for magazines, follow a similar style using perspex blocks along with considered styling and lighting.   

 Still life mens winter clothing and accessories. Captured at South London photographic studio by product and still life photographer chris howlett.
 Layout for magazine publication. still life fashion products on white background with text and products

If your in need of photography for either print publications or for online advertisements get in contact to discuss to requirements

 mens bag, fashion still for magazine publication, still life photography from London jewellery and product photographer Chris howlett

Food Photography & Gift Hampers

This week blog features photography for Mubarak, a London based hamper and gifting company, sourcing and packaging a variety of different products from food and drink, to cosmetics, fashion accessories and jewellery. Photographing such an array of products is most efficiently done with some assistance, so I was happy to team up again with stylist, Lauren Becker.  Together, we used a combination of styling, lighting and other creative techniques to create a visually balanced collection of shots, some examples of which you can see below.

 Still Life hamper beauty cosmetics and food photography, products packshots photography from london shot in creative style with lifestyle elements. Chris Howlett
 Hamper product photography food and still life photography, jam scones and cream shot in london by Howlett photography
 Food and drink product photography with lifestyle background, photographed in studio in London by creative photographer chris howlett

When shooting large collections, such as hampers, for the same campaign or company, it's important to have a consistent theme that works for each product collectively, as well as the overall brand.  From a technical perspective, there should also be an element of visual balance in each shot. 

 Cosmetic beauty product photography from london lifestyle and still life photographer Chris Howlett
 Food still life photography. Hamper collection of sweets including cakes, fudges honey dates and fizzy drinks. Product photographer Chris Howlett

To start, we put each selection of products into a specific category and then worked on a theme for each.  Unique styles were created using painted backgrounds, tiles and wallpaper.  By using just a small amount of ribbon, we were able to visually tie the shots together, creating a synergy which worked for the brand.

 Food photography hampers, a collection of sweets chocolates fudges and other food and drink. This still life image was used for product packshots shot in London by Chris Howlett

The hamper and gift collection images above are just a few examples taken from a larger catalogue of still life photography produced for the same client. Styling and shooting products are just part of a successful shoot; this is usually underpinned by a workable concept, a good source of materials, and above all, organisation!

With a brand new, modern and fully equipped studio space, client area and kitchen suitable for food photography, we are ready to take on any request for high quality product and still life photography.

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Still Life Cosmetics on location in London

 still life cosmetic photography shot on location in London, fragrances and perfume gifts around christmas tree. Product photography chris howlett

When creating still life product photography on location, I often use two main methods to achieve a particular look and style: one method is to source materials to create the required scene, e.g. a set build; and the other is to find a location which already has a particular style, which I can tailor to suit the brief. The photography featured in this blog, taken for Playboy Fragrances, incorporates both methods, and you can check out how to employ the set-building method detailed in previous blog posts, such as still life fashion accessories.  

 Cosmetic lifestyle photography, perfumes and fragrances with fashion accessories, still life product photography shot in london by howlett photography

The image above was taken on a luxurious rug found in one of the many beautifully furnished bedrooms; the same rug was also used for some of the model shots. The image was styled with props in-keeping with the theme and were suggestive of a Playboy Christmas party or a really flash night out.  

Below, the mens fragrance was photographed in one of the many lavishly stylish bathrooms,  which was perfect for the style the client was looking to achieve.

 Mens perfume and cosmetic products surrounded by jewellery and other accessories. Creative location based still life photography in London

The plush, South London pad was ideal as a location for both the still life and fashion photography, as the luxurious interior and fittings were synonymous with the style and flamboyance one would expect with the Playboy brand. For the majority of shots i utilised the existing furniture, hardware and surfaces, complementing the lifestyle and fashion photography, and also creating a synergy throughout the whole campaign.

 Cosmetic products placed on turntable surrounded by christmas lights disco ball and crackers. packshot by still life photograher chris howlett

Styling for set builds doesn't always have to involve many props.  The examples below just use a bit of striking colour and mirrors for a nice effect.  And, whilst shooting on location can sometimes bring its challenges, it can often help to develop inspiring ideas to create a seamless link between two very different methods of shooting.  

 Creative cosmetic product photography from London still life photographer Chris Howlett. Mirror and reflections of colour and perfume fragrances make this creative London location based image

If you're looking for studio or location-based still life photography be sure to get in contact - i'm always happy to discuss and go through ideas. With amazing locations, fantastic stylists and a brand new studio opening imminently, we're ready to accommodate pretty much any request. 

 Mens perfume product packshot creative cosmetic photography by howlett photography in London 

Still Life Fashion Accessories Luxury Brands

With Christmas well and truly on the way, this is the perfect week to share images taken for the Bentalls Shopping Centre in London Kingston-upon-Thames.  This well-known department store is full of luxury products and brands, so a great place to get any last minute gifts! The brief was to create still life photography that represented the autumn & winter seasons, but without any of the cliches. Assisted by my still life stylist, Sophie Sturridge, we created a modern, simple and elegant style, reflected in the choice of products and autumnal and wintry colours and textures. Check out a few of shots below.

 Still Life interior product photography. Home and Lifestyle products placed on luxury marble table top with concrete textured background. The creative still life image used for promotion, shot in London studio by chris holwett photography

The first image above was created for the home & lifestyle selection and has a classic sill life feel to it. The neutral background and surfaces on their own would appear quite cold, however, the addition of soft textures along with soft lighting adds a some warmth and gives it a premium look.

 Fashion Still Life product photography created in London studios for high street shopping center. Women's fashion accessories placed on metal table top with creative still life lighting from product photographer chris howlett

This next image has more of an autumnal feel with pops of beautiful colour and textures you'd often associate with Autumn.  The styling idea behind this was to give the products some character.  The overall effect is much warmer in comparison to the first image. I particularly love the textured, weathered background we used which has a great patina that matches the style of the shot.

 Mens accessories creative still life product photography. Product photographer Chris Howlett creates still life composition using products found at shipping centre. carefully composed products with distinctive studio lighting, created in London 

The mens collection above, like the rest in the series, was shot in a modern and contemporary style, using muted colours.  The final image was used as both a standalone and part of a set for the website.

The final shot below has a slightly different look to the others as it was purely used to promote this years' Christmas collection for kids, so has a more wintry feel to it. 

 Kids still life photography, children's products shot for magazine and promotional material, all products shot in london still life studio by howlett photography 

If your looking create unique still life photography to promote your brand, products or idea why not get in contact to discus your options,  alternatively check out some of the product photography in the my Still Life gallery for inspiration or idea's.

still life designs and creative packshots

As a still life photographer my client base can be quite varied, ranging from advertising agencies and design agencies to blue chip companies and brand new start ups. This week's photoblog showcases product photography for creative design agency DDLondon, created for a series of high quality design-led books, stationery and other printed materials.

It was a pleasure working on behalf of this design studio led by Duncan Alexander and Dominic Evans who, with over ten years experience in the creative industry, are managing the brand and design function at one of the world's leading property development management and interior design houses.

 Still Life product photography from london based photographer chris howlett. Property design books shot in creative style.
 Overhead letterhead and stationary product photography from London creative still life photographer chris howlett

It was important to highlight the texture and fine detail of the product, so the final pieces include a mixture of close-up macros and artistically composed still life group shots.  Lighting imbalances can detract from the overall design, so one of the challenges was to balance the shadows, especially against coloured paper, whilst emphasising reflective textures - sometimes in the same shot.   

You can see more of my still life photography on my portfolio pages and if you would like to get in contact to discuss your latest photographic requirements, please get in contact.

still life fashion kids accessories Asda

Fashion still life product photography are usually associated with glossy, high-lit scenes featured on many billboards and magazine covers. However, not all fashion images are used for these mediums, but are just as important for use with copy via other marketing methods, such as printed gift guide and online marketing.  And, whilst not necessarily glamorous, the final images should still look polished, professional and be skilfully styled and arranged so as to provide a flexible design to suit the final layout. This week features a few simple fashion still life images created for ASDA's George clothing and accessories range for kids and young adults, with the final shots being accompanied by copy in marketing materials, for both print and online publications. 

 kids shoes on kitchen table lifestyle photography form london product photographer chris howlett
 fashion flats, kids shoes shot overhead on concrete and white tile background. Still life fashion photography shot in london studio
 fashion still life kids clothes are placed on wooden clothes horse in apartment style flat form london advertising london photographer 

To fulfil the brief, the overall style incorporated plain, neutral backgrounds with minimal shadows, using concrete and plywood to add colour, texture and warmth.

 Overhead product packshot photography, kid shoes shot on concrete overhead in london studio howlett photography

You will notice the use of vast spaces and minimal shadows within the overall composition which is deliberate:  the blank backgrounds allow for easy placement of text whilst having less shadow allows the designers to rearrange products to suit the final layout.

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea.  Still life fashion imagery for copy The images shown are just a few from a large set of different products and you can see the theme.

If your a fashion retailer looking for striking still life images that can be adapted to suit multiple formats or advertising media then get in contact for a quote

 Product packshot photography, clothes on rail in lifestyle setting shot in london studio
 Still life composition of fashion items and accessories in london studio, product photography

creative cosmetic still life

This week's blog features a series of creative still life and moving images for UK cosmetics brand Fudge. The brief was to create some eye-catching imagery in line with the energy exuded by the brand which would be used for social media and other advertising platforms. With this in mind (and a quick trip to my local craft shop!), I was ready to go.

 creative still life photographer from London, product studio purple glitter explosion advertising still life

The use of glitter, combined with high speed techniques can create an air of excitement, of movement and bursts of energy.  To convey these elements within a still image, like in the shot above, a glitter-filled balloon was captured whilst pierced at high a speed, and with precision timing. It may have taken a few attempts - not to mention, a number of balloons - but the result is an image that encapsulates the glamour and style at the heart of the brand itself.  We did manage to save a couple of balloons and filled with glitter and sandwiched products between them, as shown below.

 Still life cosmetics advertising photography. London photographer chris howlett creates stylish product photography in london studio with purple ballons

An enjoyable part of the brief was creating and producing the gifs which were to be used alongside the still images on social media and marketing platforms.  I worked closely with the client to ensure the final product delivered in terms of being bold, fun, eye-catching and reflective of the brand.  My favourite is the first gif image below, where the bold violet liquid works well with the branding in the mesmerising montage.


I used simple props, balloons and dripping liquid, but in bold contrasting colour that added impact to the branding and was taken from the product itself. Below are few more examples of some the gif files created.

 purple still life cosmetics shampoo moving image London creative product photography chris howlett
 creative cometic gif image, still life white balloons with purple liquid London photographer

If you're looking to inject some energy into your brand with bold still-life or want to create some eye-catching gifs for your social media posts, get in touch so we can discuss ideas and collaborate on the best approach for your desired results and budget.

still life cosmetics - perfume & fragrances - on location

I'm so delighted to finally be able to share this week's blog featuring on-location product and fashion still life photography for Playboy Fragrances. The overall aim of the shoot was to encapsulate an aura of summer fun across a variety of shots, including eye-catching still life and gif images for use in social media platforms. Having a great location and working with a familiar team made shooting a blast; and with all the beautiful weather, I was glad to not be stuck in a dark studio for a change!

  Still life  travel perfumes and cosmetics. Two creative product photography images sit next to each other. Styled with travel accessories for both him and her and shot in london location by  still life product photographer chris howlett

The West London house used for this shoot was ideal for both the indoor still life sets and outdoor scenes.  Styling was undertaken by Sophie Sturridge, whose carefully considered approach created a summer travel vibe. You can see examples of this in the first set of still life images. Outside, the main focus was the pool, the best feature of the entire shoot! Surrounded by tropical plants and beautifully designed garden furniture, it was the perfect fit for this brief.

  Howlett photography  produces creative product photography. A  still life  poolside theme using perfumes cosmetics and styling props to create a summer vibe around the poolside all shot in london location house 

To add and more summer glow, I mixed daylight with flash; you can see the result of this in the shoot above, along with a behind-the-scenes peeks at the models splashing delightfully in the pool between shoots and my own still-life poolside set up.

 Behind the scenes shoot from  London product photographer Howlett photography.  Whilst on set creating still life set up the models playfully splash in the pool for playboy perfumes shot in london location house.

The final part of the brief was to create a set of gif files - an ever increasing request, especially as social media has now become such a strong advertising platform. Gifs are a fun way to add a bit of movement to a still image, whilst also gaining traction online. 

 A small giff collection of perfumes shot around the poolside, creative still life photographer  chris howlett
 A behind the scenes shot form recent location photography for still life cosmetic photographer chris howlett .

A special thanks go out to weareapproach A fantastic retouch team who did an amazing job with the post production and retouch. And to Still Life stylist Sophie Surridge who helped create the still life setups. Fashion photography by Holly Broomhall

My next blog will feature some creative cosmetics gifs, so stay tuned for more.

Jewellery photography - on model

The London International Jewellery show has just finished and featured some of the best upcoming and established jewellery designers like Rock & Hound. For this week's blog, I collaborated with creative design team, Beast&Burden, to shoot model photography for Rock & Hound, whose jewellery has won multiple awards.

 Creative  jewellery photograph y on model, still life backgrounds model wearing pendants and earrings. Photography by  Howlett Photography  and shot in london studio 

A great team working in close collaboration was key to the success of this recent model shoot. To create the theme, the Beast & Burden duo, inspired by the colourful and exquisitely crafted rings and pendants,  used illustrated backgrounds and realistic rock backdrops which successfully complemented the style of both collections. You can check out more of their work here.

 Jewellery on Hands, pendants and rings on model hand with creative still life backgrounds shot in london studio 
 Model wearing jewellery from howlett photography, Rings on hand on arm. Colour gem stone rings from creative still life photographer chris howlett

To complete the final look,  I used soft lighting to highlight the detail and workmanship of each individual piece.  The London studio was the perfect size for a comfortable shoot, which should always be considered when several parties, from models to make-up artists, are involved!  

 Jewellery shot on location with models and creative still life photographic background. Shot in london studio with pendants and rings by Howlett photography
 hand model clasping selection of pendant jewellery on colourful vibrant creative still life background, product photography by chris howlett in london

Here is a little behind the scenes shot taken in the london photo studio with everybody working hard!

 Behind the scenes shot of a London photographic studio with still life product photographer Chris Howlett

Howlett Photography provides all types of jewellery photography including product photography and creative still life photography you can check out examples on my blog pages or checkout my jewellery portfolio.

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still life - luxury candles

This week's blog features creative still life and packshot photography for London-based lifestyle brand, The Bird Box, producers of handmade, beautiful, sustainably sourced, candles; all lovingly made using pure essential oils.

 Still life product photography featuring luxury candle products from the bird box. Feathers surround products with large shadows. Product photography from chis howlett photography captured in London studio

The Bird Box have a simple ethos which is to make products that not only smell great, but that also have real therapeutic benefits and I was commissioned to provide images to be used for web banners and social media platforms, featuring the complete range of candles. 

 product photography candles on black gloss with gold ribbon and grey feathers. Still life photography from London creative photographer Chris Howlett 
 product packshot photographer from London candles with roses and lavender ingredients and products

In keeping with this theme, the images would need to be simple, yet eye-catching - plain white background for the packshots.  For the creative pieces,  I used minimal props to maintain the clean feel, but still add some visual interest - feathers and ribbons and even splashes of colour.

 creative advertising website banner photography created by still life product photographer from London Chris Howlett. 7 unique natural candles placed on bright colour gloss background

If your brand or product is in need of product photography get in contact

The essence of food photography

This week, I team up again with food stylist, Lauren Becker, to shoot on location for new vegan start-up, Essence Cuisine.  Based in Old Street, Essence encapsulates industrialist design and wholesomeness both in its interior design and food.  The food and drink shots we created have been styled and produced to balance these cornerstones of 'Shoreditch Chic'.

 Creative still life food photography. A plate of strawberries with vegan cream photographed in London restaurant by product photographer chris howlett 

Shooting on location often requires you to think on your feet, as a lot of factors are outside the control you can normally exercise in your own studio.  In pretty much everything, from surfaces and lighting to backgrounds, you have to be prepared be inspired by your surroundings and incorporate the environment into the overall design.

 Still life food and drink photographer. A salad with fork, location photography industrial style restaurant in London. Howlett Photography

We complemented the minimalist interior stainless steel surfaces with sharp lines and angles - evident in Lauren's styling choice, and emphasised by combining soft and hard lighting - to create a graduated shadow effect coupled with geometric artistry against the brushed metal surface.

 Graphic industrial style product photography with food. Vegetables lay on brushed metal surface. Creative still life London photographer Chris Howlett

The bright colours of the natural ingredients added points of visual interest, eliciting warmth in an otherwise industrial space.

 Avocado, starter dish photographed at restaurant location in London, Still life food photographer chris howlett

Get in contact to see how we can design and produce a brief, tailor-made for you, where and whenever suits you:

Your restaurant.  On location.  My studio. 

beauty product photography

Shooting cosmetics constitutes an important part of my studio photography. This week's blog includes a set of creative and packshot cosmetic photographs for London based beauty brand Sister & Co. Their cosmetic products are designed to heal and nourish the body on the outside as well as the inside.

 Beauty still life product photography from London creative photographer Chris Howlett. Cosmetic products on white clean background with floating self provide dynamic advertising style photography

I was commissioned to created a few creative still life collection shots to be used on their homepage and also for promotional material. These product shots were created by combining strong lighting , which creates bold shadows , with slightly softer lighting for the products. The final shots look clean, fresh and dynamic , which reflects the natural feel of the products and brand.

 Luxury Cosmetic product pack shot photography from London. Collection of natural beauty products on marble and concrete, modern unique and creative still life photographer Chris Howlett

The client also requested a set of unique product pack shots covering the entire cosmetic range  . These provide creative synergy  with the group shots . The brief was to create a set of premium individual style shots that could  be replicated whenever new products arrived.  Below are a few examples.

 Cosmetic packshot beauty products with bold shadows from London creative still life photographer Chris Howlett
 Beauty cosmetic body scrub on creative still life background product photographer from London Howlett photography
 London packshot photographer creates unique luxury product photography for cosmetic, raw coconut cream on marble
 Beauty almond bath soak on creative still life background, London product photographer chris howlett 

Do you need high quality packshot photography for a new product range?  Perhaps your current beauty or cosmetic photography needs updating with fresh and contemporary still life shots.  Don't hesitate to contact us. I  can create a high end luxury style that's bespoke to suit your products and brand. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your photography requirements in greater detail.

 Check out my other blog posts or my portfolio.

London product packshot & e-commerce fashion

This week's blog features e-commerce fashion with models and product packshot photography. Luxury fashion brand, The Silk Tie Company, produce an amazing array of silk ties & formal shirts and I provided a full service, covering all aspects of the product e-commerce photography - from still life shots to on-model fashion shots. Check out a few of the examples in the galleries below.

The perfectly balanced soft lighting was instrumental to highlighting the natural sheen found in the silk threads of the products. Using a neutral grey background for the model shots helped to enhance the vibrance of the shirts and ties.

Working with a good team is vital in creating high end photography with multiple styles of images and I have an amazing network of stylists, models and that all collaborate to make each shoot a success.

If you require high quality studio photography to match your luxury products then get in contact to discuss your requirements, i would be happy to talk you though your project.


still life home lifestyle & cosmetics

This week i have a some new creative still life product photography created for London independent sneaker store Footpatrol, stocking footware from famous and lesser-known brands, clothes and accessories. The photographic breif was clear and focused around premium luxury high black gloss backgrounds and shots with cloudy sky background. Below are a few example shots created on the day.

 still life cosmetics shot on gloss luxury surface, product photography at its best form London product photographer based in croydon  chris howlett photography

I was asked to create still life photography featuring a new product range, a collaboration with Tokyo based fragrance label retaW and included 3 main products. The results look great and eye catching and required a certian amount of techincall precision as all the products were black and were to be shot on a black high gloss background. 

 Individual product packshot of candle product shot in a premium luxury creative still life style from product photographer chris howlett
 Still life cosmetic packshot photographer based in London and south of UK creating high end product and creative photography for cosmetics and other luxury goods

Comprised of three items - fragrance tag, sneaker liquid and a fragrance candle. Versatility was key during the design process for the fragrance tag. The tag can be hung anywhere - bedroom/vehicle/wardrobe etc. Staying true to their roots, Footpatrol have also added sneaker liquid to the collection which will aid eliminating odours from your footwear. The final piece in the collection, the candle is carefully crafted from a blend of fragrance oils designed to infuse your surroundings with the most captivating scents. The Footpatrol for retaW NIMBUS* collection was designed for sneaker-heads looking for lifestyle products that steer away from the norm.

 Still life cosmetics captured in south London packshot studio by product photographer chris howlett - cosmetics in the sky 

For this project there was a clear brief which was really helpful in creating the final shots in time and within budget. I usually work with both design/ad agencies and also individual business owners and in this case it was a bit of both. Its important to have a brief before starting the shoot and usually i take a collaborative approach either working with stylists, art directors and clients. Sometimes i come up with the ideas however for this project the breif was already created for me.

If you have an idea, either fully fledged or just an initial concept and your looking for a creative still life photographer to bring your ideas to life then get in contact and we can create something brilliant and unique to your brand and product.

creative cosmetic packshots

Checkout some of the lovely ingredients used in this latest series of product packshot photography created for Tamese&Jackson, a new brand of halal-certified, wholesome (tayyib) personal care products ethically produced in the United Kingdom.

 fresh ingredients photographed as a macro closeup highlighting details and textures used in the cosmetic product packshots, still life photography 

The wonderfully fresh ingredients add an additional level of interest to the cosmetic products, utilising the colours and beautiful textures found only in the real and fresh produce. Below are a few examples where the ingredients were used to help create each packshot. 

 Cosmetic packshot photography with fresh ingredients including orchid and papaya fruit. Still life product photography for cosmetic beauty products.

The packshots were produced as a series of e-commerce style shots for the online store. The  techniques behind the lighting style - being evenly spread across both sides of the products - provides an easily replicated formula for shooting multiples of product sets over one session. Quality and speed are perfect matched for a this series of sleek cosmetic product packshots. 

 Product packshot of cosmetics captured on white with reflection, high quality still life packshot photography from London

If you're in need of high quality product packshot photography or perhaps more creative, advertising style still life photography then check out a few more of images in my portfolio pages or my latest blog.  Or feel free to get in touch

creative jewellery photography

A large proportion of my client base require creative still life jewellery photography. I've recently been shooting on different locations in London, creating small bespoke creative sets in which jewellery is artfully placed. Below are a few recent examples - you can see more of the collection on the Ruifier website and on their Instagram feed.

 jewellery earring studs on bright colour creative still life London jewellery photographer
 still life creative jewellery photographer, necklace and rings create a graphic design with bold shadows. london photographer 

I enjoy collaborating with jewellery brands, creating and taking inspiration from their own unique style and adding a bit of artistic license.  Sometimes the ideas are based around the products themselves; in other cases, a theme or particular event is used as inspiration.

Most of the photography for this collection was shot on mini-sets created using blocks and coloured paper.  The stunning final images combine simple materials, a good imagination, clever lighting and professional retouch. 

 colourful and unique and creative jewellery photography from London based product photographer
 3 colours with jewellery. Rings on pillars creative set build photography in London
 bracelets and necklace make up this creative jewellery photograph by London still life photographer
 beautiful unique soft jewellery ring and necklace still life composition

If you're looking for jewellery photography from one of London's leading jewellery photographers you've come to right place. Whether you have a new premium piece that will shine in my creative images, or need creative photography to help launch a new product range, get in contact and we can share ideas

 hompage banner shot for London jewellery company Ruifier, colourful unique bracelets in a creative still life shot with paper

Still Life Photographer - London Cosmetics - Creative Gold Makeup.

This week's blog showcases still life photography for an interesting new cosmetic brand, Asia. Their Pure Gold range, consisting of face mask, toner and scrub, contain real gold flakes which sparkled luxuriously under the studio lights.

 creative still life photography of liquid gold cosmetics created by London product photographer howlett photography

The creative still life image above was created by mixing gold paint to the perfect viscosity and capturing the liquid splash at just the right momment at high speed. As you can imagine this type of shot takes a few attempts to get just the right amount of splash and ripple! Technical lighting, a little bit of patience and touch magical post production made this shot a success.

 High quality product pack shot of cosmetics. Facial mask with gold flakes on white reflective background. Premium product photography form still life photographer chris howlett
 Product packshot on white as a cutout with reflection. Group of cosmetic products shot in London product photography studio 

If your launching a new cosmetic product range or need updated product photography for your products then get in contact for a quote or just to discuss your ideas.

creative Still Life Cosmetic Packshots

Latest product photography for a new cosmetics range, Tropika, producing beauty products, message oils and creams containing only natural products - free from chemicals and made with natural ingredients.  The brief was to create a set of images on a white background using the ingredients as props, creating a luxury feel that reflects the fresh, bright and clean nature of the products.

 Product packshot of beauty products on a white background, ingredients placed around the cosmetic products with strong bold shadows, A London creative lifestyle photographer

The product photography was created using a mixture of strong, hard lighting and soft fill for the shadows, both overhead and tabletop. When photographing white products on white background it's important to get the mixture and combination just right. Considered styling with carefully placed props, combined with balanced lighting, gives a fresh clean look.

 still life creative packshot with beauty products on white clean background taken in London studio
 creative still life of beauty product ingredients for instagram 
 creative still life cosmectics product shot for social media
 tabletop luxury product photography. cosmetics with ingredeints shot on a white reflective luxury surface, London product packshot photography

I also created a series of images for social media; on left are a few shots used on Instagram and other social media sites.

If you need high quality product shots and photography tailored to your brand, product or message then get in contact and we can create a brief together

product packshot photography & lifstyle

Creating advertising and packshot photography for a new product range is a regular request; this week's blog features web and lifestyle images for new revolutionary shower head, The Orb Spa.  Its unique and innovative design made it easy to highlight its capabilities in different lifestyle scenarios.

 product packshot photography London, a still life set of 3 shower head products, high end luxury reflective metallic finish, the pack shots on white background created in London studio
 Lifestyle packshot photography, a model in shower with product in bathroom setting, Advertising lifestyle product packshot

One of the major features of the shower head is its ability to create an even spray of water, so the final descriptive shot on the right, with the water flow against a black background, was captured at high speed, taken in-studio. 

The first set of images are examples of high end packshots, taken at various angles - detailing the removable mid-section along with the luxurious metallic finish.

The lifestyle shots were created at a London photography house. These were just simple images shot with a model in a bathroom setting, showing the shower head in full use.

 advertising product packshot, shower head against dark background with high speed capturing water in flow. Creative still life from London photographer

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Food photography Luxury Chocolates

This week's still life product photography blog focuses on sumptuous luxury chocolates. Working with Saint Amyes, a newly established brand was exciting and in this case also very tasty.  With a similar ethos to myself and a creative collaborative approach we created some great food photography in the south London studio.

 Product photography, food packshots, creative product photography. still life photography of unique chocolates bars on creative background..   

"With a mission to make every moment beautiful, we create enchanting artisan chocolates that are almost too beautiful to eat. Hand painted with 23ct gold, enriched with opulent colour and inspired by artistic greats, Saint Aymes handmade chocolates stand alone as structures of art for those who appreciate iconic beauty." 

 Creative food packshot photography, still life photography - individual chocolate pieces on luxury background product photography in London

It was important that I captured the artisan chocolates in the right way, creating a premium high key look to the still life food photography. The props and background added to the opulent and luxurious style; the decorated gold leaf and colourful ingredients make them look too good to eat....well, almost!

 creative product photography food still life chocolates on pink table shot in London studio
 mixed chocolate on creative background, still life product photographer London