London still life Food Photography - Ugly Veg

I'm really excited about this week's blog as it features, for the first time, food & drink! Working with experienced food stylist Lauren Becker, the aim was to produce striking imagery of misshapen fruit and veg for online ethical editorial platform, Futurefrock. 

advertising still life food photographer
Still Life food photography. Mixed raw foods, fruit and veg on dark wood, autumnal feeling, food and lifestyle photography, London & Croydon food studio.
Food photography, mixed tomatoes create this still life food composition from advertising Croydon and London photographer chris howlett. The reds, yellows and ripeness of tomatoes look bright against dark wood.

The images were to accompany an insightful article highlighting the growing issue of food waste in part to the popular practice of retailers refusing to sell "imperfect produce".

The photos created for this series, in Lauren's words, would "celebrate and highlight the beauty in the imperfect, to embrace the unusual and odd". 

Lauren and I have worked on other shoots before, so being able to naturally adapt to each other's style meant that we could achieve this both aesthetically and technically.

Detailed food photograph of raw potatoes just pulled from the ground surrounded by food photography styling. A knife, cutting boards and brush, also there is lots of dry dirt around products which gives it that lifestyle food photography look. All images created in london and croydon studio

Lauren's styling mirrored the rustic textures and vibrant tones of the many varieties of uniquely shaped squashes, peppers, aubergines, tomatoes and of course, curly cucumbers. Props were minimal in keeping with the theme - hessian and twine, wooden chopping boards and utensils, matte charcoal and slate surfaces.

Dark and atmospheric lifestyle food photography. A collection of ugly aubergine ripe and ready to eaten, still life composition of food, fuit and ugly veg by London Food & lifestyle photographer chris howlett

My lighting technique was similar to what I usually use for high-end jewellery which is to light and shoot each piece within the composition individually, and then create a composite shot for the final image. 

Creative still lifestyle food photography, Curly cucumbers arranged in lifestyle setting by London photographer chris howlett
Lifestyle food photography pepper collection seed and all. Slice peppers arranged in still life composition creating adverting style food photography

I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough when asked to collaborate on this piece. The end result showcases the beauty of these "wonky wonders", and provides a medium to provoke ethical thought and discussion.

Not to mention a fridge full of ingredients for those winter-warming recipes..

Over the coming weeks i will be showcasing more food and drink, so stay tuned for the latest work.

Perhaps you are a small restaurant or maybe a large global brand in need of food and drink photography, Get in contact today to discuss your ideas,