Advertising packshot photography - watches

Introducing the new luxury watch brand, Illirio, designing and producing quality watches with a classic style, requiring premium packshot photography. As the client is based in central Euroupe, the products were sent to the South London studio along with a loose brief to produce high quality packhots and a creative still life shot for use on website landing pages.

jewellery photography packshot watch photographer. Luxury leather straps on white as cut out product packshot photography. Still life jewellery photographer from Croydon & London

When photographing watches, it's important to get the best out of each surface and texture. Each component of the watch needed to be lit separately so the metallics look precious, the leather luxurious and the face detailed. To add to this, each watch needed to look consistent and also required different angles. Whilst photographing packshots this way can take a longer than normal, the end results are always better. Coupled with experience, knowledge and good processes, I was able to deliver high quality within the client's budget. 

Product packshot of jewellery watches on white by Croydon London still life photographer
Black leather watch packshot from product and advertising jewellery photographer 

The final image below is a creative still life piece shot on a leather cushioned surface to complement the high quality leather of the watch straps, giving it a premium look. The image is a composite of different shots, in-keeping with the dark, luxurious and classic theme. 

Creative advertising jewellery & watch photography. 3 watches on luxury leather still life photographer 

If you're a jewellery or watch brand based in the UK, Europe or globally, I offer both high quality packshot photography and creative still life compositions. Get in touch to discuss your project by simply filling in the contact form, or feel free to email or call.