Creative Jewellery Photography London - SHO

Beautiful diamonds, precious metals and eye-catching designs are what Hatton Garden jewellery designer Sarah Ho is known for. When asked to shoot her latest Numerati collection, and working within the theme of simplicity and elegance, I decided to make the main focus the diamonds and precious metals in this collection of rings, earrings and pendants, I've also included a few examples of the jewellery packshots on white and, in a later post, I'll showcase them on models.

A rose gold diamond encrusted pendant sits on rose gold coloured reflective metal with two rings either side. A fantastic example of creative jewellery photography by London jewellery photographer Christopher Howlett Hatton garden

I wanted the creative shot for the rose gold collection to remain simple and clean in design so the jewellery was the only focus. The first step was getting the right surface, sourcing a old cosmetics tin which had a natural rose gold finish.  With the surface sorted, and the rings and pendant artfully positioned, the next step was to get the lighting right for both the jewellery and the background. Since the final image didn't need any additional props, bringing in the edges of the tin to frame the shot added clean lines, framing the jewellery against the metallic background. 

Jewellery Packshots on white

high quality jewellery packshot, ring cutout on white with reflection,  Sarah Ho jewellery London photographer chris howlett
Jewellery photography taken from series of number pendants. Rose gold number 8 with diamonds packshot on white cutout

Getting the diamonds to shine and sparkle without blowing out or being over exposed is one of the most important considerations when photographing jewellery on a white background. As shown in these examples of packshots (or cutouts) on white for Hatton Garden jeweller, Sarah Ho, I personally think it's important not to over-retouch the product. A lot of fantastic jewellery becomes ruined visually by bad photography usually resulting in over post-production, its important to get the balance right.


The final image from this week's jewellery photography blog is another creative shot. The diamond number rings sit on glossy perspex with a textured blue surface to the right of it. This type of image is perfect for Instagram and other social media platforms as whilst it's quite simple, it remains visually interesting. 

If you're a jeweller or designer who requires creative and/or packshot photography, get in contact to discuss your requirements. I have clients based in Hatton Garden, Greater London, across the UK and Europe. Some of my previous jewellery photography work has been for notable jewellers and designers including, Pandora, Theo Fennel, Rolex, Choppard, and Monsoon, just to name a few.