Creative Still Life Photography - The Colour of Cosmetics

Cosmetic brand Illamasqua approached me to produce some original creative product photography for their latest new product launch, the Lip Lure collection. As a brand they have an exciting and strong identity so I was delighted to be involved in delivering some unique creative still life photography and videography. The new line of products were described as "liquid paint for your lips" and it is obvious that this became the inspiration for this bright and vibrant set of creative still life photography.

London product photographer  chris howlett  creates this set of vibrant colourful set of creative still life photography for cosmetic company illamasqua

It was a lot of fun creating these bright and vibrant still life photographs in the London studio. First, I sourced the paint to match the product colours, then perfected the viscosity with a mix of water. The next stage was to light the products on the black acrylic Illamasqua logo so as to stand out against the vibrant background. Finally set for the paint explosion. I only had a few takes to capture the paint droplets surrounding the product in just the right way before the product was completely lost in the colourful liquid effect. A lot of time goes into the preparation and creation of each shot, in contrast with the few seconds I had in which to capture the moment. Some behind-the-scenes shots are on my instagram account. You can find me @chrishowlettphotography:  Follow me for the latest up to date and behind the scenes images 

london product photographer  chris howlett  A creative advertising product photography containing cosmetic products surrounded by explosion of red paint 

Above is an further example of an un-cropped version. In the next few weeks I will showcase some of the video content which contains some high definition slow motion and my take on cinemagraphs using both the still and moving images.