beauty product photography

Shooting cosmetics constitutes an important part of my studio photography. This week's blog includes a set of creative and packshot cosmetic photographs for London based beauty brand Sister & Co. Their cosmetic products are designed to heal and nourish the body on the outside as well as the inside.

Beauty still life product photography from London creative photographer Chris Howlett. Cosmetic products on white clean background with floating self provide dynamic advertising style photography

I was commissioned to created a few creative still life collection shots to be used on their homepage and also for promotional material. These product shots were created by combining strong lighting , which creates bold shadows , with slightly softer lighting for the products. The final shots look clean, fresh and dynamic , which reflects the natural feel of the products and brand.

Luxury Cosmetic product pack shot photography from London. Collection of natural beauty products on marble and concrete, modern unique and creative still life photographer Chris Howlett

The client also requested a set of unique product pack shots covering the entire cosmetic range  . These provide creative synergy  with the group shots . The brief was to create a set of premium individual style shots that could  be replicated whenever new products arrived.  Below are a few examples.

Cosmetic packshot beauty products with bold shadows from London creative still life photographer Chris Howlett
Beauty cosmetic body scrub on creative still life background product photographer from London Howlett photography
London packshot photographer creates unique luxury product photography for cosmetic, raw coconut cream on marble
Beauty almond bath soak on creative still life background, London product photographer chris howlett

Do you need high quality packshot photography for a new product range?  Perhaps your current beauty or cosmetic photography needs updating with fresh and contemporary still life shots.  Don't hesitate to contact us. I  can create a high end luxury style that's bespoke to suit your products and brand. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your photography requirements in greater detail.

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