The essence of food photography

This week, I team up again with food stylist, Lauren Becker, to shoot on location for new vegan start-up, Essence Cuisine.  Based in Old Street, Essence encapsulates industrialist design and wholesomeness both in its interior design and food.  The food and drink shots we created have been styled and produced to balance these cornerstones of 'Shoreditch Chic'.

Creative still life food photography. A plate of strawberries with vegan cream photographed in London restaurant by product photographer chris howlett

Shooting on location often requires you to think on your feet, as a lot of factors are outside the control you can normally exercise in your own studio.  In pretty much everything, from surfaces and lighting to backgrounds, you have to be prepared be inspired by your surroundings and incorporate the environment into the overall design.

Still life food and drink photographer. A salad with fork, location photography industrial style restaurant in London. Howlett Photography

We complemented the minimalist interior stainless steel surfaces with sharp lines and angles - evident in Lauren's styling choice, and emphasised by combining soft and hard lighting - to create a graduated shadow effect coupled with geometric artistry against the brushed metal surface.

Graphic industrial style product photography with food. Vegetables lay on brushed metal surface. Creative still life London photographer Chris Howlett

The bright colours of the natural ingredients added points of visual interest, eliciting warmth in an otherwise industrial space.

Avocado, starter dish photographed at restaurant location in London, Still life food photographer chris howlett

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