Fashion Accessories - Still Life

It's Christmas and much of the product photography taken earlier in the year is now finally published. The following still life fashion images were created for the House of Fraiser Gift Guide, advertising the latest Ted Baker travel and fashion collection - some great product accessories (and some perfect christmas present ideas, if your still looking!)

Fashion still life product photography. Fashion travel accessories shot overhead for product gift guide. Photography created in London studio. Creative fashion flats of shoes, trousers, bags, coats, wash bags, wallets and accesories

The product photography was used to complement the existing campaign imagery. Based around a spy theme, the products represent the fashion accessories needed for a city break, especially one full of casinos and espionage. 

Product photography. Womens accessories, fashion flats on pink. A dress, handbags jewellery shoes and small suitcase make up the creative still life product photography. Shot on location in London studio

The lighting and colours match the style of the campaign model shots, the strong shadows and subtle spotlight add some drama to the still life images. All the ted baker products used in both shots can be picked up at House of Fraser so why not get one more present for your special someone...