Still Life Cosmetics on location in London

still life cosmetic photography shot on location in London, fragrances and perfume gifts around christmas tree. Product photography chris howlett

When creating still life product photography on location, I often use two main methods to achieve a particular look and style: one method is to source materials to create the required scene, e.g. a set build; and the other is to find a location which already has a particular style, which I can tailor to suit the brief. The photography featured in this blog, taken for Playboy Fragrances, incorporates both methods, and you can check out how to employ the set-building method detailed in previous blog posts, such as still life fashion accessories.  

Cosmetic lifestyle photography, perfumes and fragrances with fashion accessories, still life product photography shot in london by howlett photography

The image above was taken on a luxurious rug found in one of the many beautifully furnished bedrooms; the same rug was also used for some of the model shots. The image was styled with props in-keeping with the theme and were suggestive of a Playboy Christmas party or a really flash night out.  

Below, the mens fragrance was photographed in one of the many lavishly stylish bathrooms,  which was perfect for the style the client was looking to achieve.

Mens perfume and cosmetic products surrounded by jewellery and other accessories. Creative location based still life photography in London

The plush, South London pad was ideal as a location for both the still life and fashion photography, as the luxurious interior and fittings were synonymous with the style and flamboyance one would expect with the Playboy brand. For the majority of shots i utilised the existing furniture, hardware and surfaces, complementing the lifestyle and fashion photography, and also creating a synergy throughout the whole campaign.

Cosmetic products placed on turntable surrounded by christmas lights disco ball and crackers. packshot by still life photograher chris howlett

Styling for set builds doesn't always have to involve many props.  The examples below just use a bit of striking colour and mirrors for a nice effect.  And, whilst shooting on location can sometimes bring its challenges, it can often help to develop inspiring ideas to create a seamless link between two very different methods of shooting.  

Creative cosmetic product photography from London still life photographer Chris Howlett. Mirror and reflections of colour and perfume fragrances make this creative London location based image

If you're looking for studio or location-based still life photography be sure to get in contact - i'm always happy to discuss and go through ideas. With amazing locations, fantastic stylists and a brand new studio opening imminently, we're ready to accommodate pretty much any request. 

Mens perfume product packshot creative cosmetic photography by howlett photography in London