creative cosmetic still life

This week's blog features a series of creative still life and moving images for UK cosmetics brand Fudge. The brief was to create some eye-catching imagery in line with the energy exuded by the brand which would be used for social media and other advertising platforms. With this in mind (and a quick trip to my local craft shop!), I was ready to go.

creative still life photographer from London, product studio purple glitter explosion advertising still life

The use of glitter, combined with high speed techniques can create an air of excitement, of movement and bursts of energy.  To convey these elements within a still image, like in the shot above, a glitter-filled balloon was captured whilst pierced at high a speed, and with precision timing. It may have taken a few attempts - not to mention, a number of balloons - but the result is an image that encapsulates the glamour and style at the heart of the brand itself.  We did manage to save a couple of balloons and filled with glitter and sandwiched products between them, as shown below.

Still life cosmetics advertising photography. London photographer chris howlett creates stylish product photography in london studio with purple ballons

An enjoyable part of the brief was creating and producing the gifs which were to be used alongside the still images on social media and marketing platforms.  I worked closely with the client to ensure the final product delivered in terms of being bold, fun, eye-catching and reflective of the brand.  My favourite is the first gif image below, where the bold violet liquid works well with the branding in the mesmerising montage.


I used simple props, balloons and dripping liquid, but in bold contrasting colour that added impact to the branding and was taken from the product itself. Below are few more examples of some the gif files created.

purple still life cosmetics shampoo moving image London creative product photography chris howlett
creative cometic gif image, still life white balloons with purple liquid London photographer

If you're looking to inject some energy into your brand with bold still-life or want to create some eye-catching gifs for your social media posts, get in touch so we can discuss ideas and collaborate on the best approach for your desired results and budget.