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Fashion still life product photography are usually associated with glossy, high-lit scenes featured on many billboards and magazine covers. However, not all fashion images are used for these mediums, but are just as important for use with copy via other marketing methods, such as printed gift guide and online marketing.  And, whilst not necessarily glamorous, the final images should still look polished, professional and be skilfully styled and arranged so as to provide a flexible design to suit the final layout. This week features a few simple fashion still life images created for ASDA's George clothing and accessories range for kids and young adults, with the final shots being accompanied by copy in marketing materials, for both print and online publications. 

kids shoes on kitchen table lifestyle photography form london product photographer chris howlett
fashion flats, kids shoes shot overhead on concrete and white tile background. Still life fashion photography shot in london studio
fashion still life kids clothes are placed on wooden clothes horse in apartment style flat form london advertising london photographer 

To fulfil the brief, the overall style incorporated plain, neutral backgrounds with minimal shadows, using concrete and plywood to add colour, texture and warmth.

Overhead product packshot photography, kid shoes shot on concrete overhead in london studio howlett photography

You will notice the use of vast spaces and minimal shadows within the overall composition which is deliberate:  the blank backgrounds allow for easy placement of text whilst having less shadow allows the designers to rearrange products to suit the final layout.

These are just a few examples, but you get the idea.  Still life fashion imagery for copy The images shown are just a few from a large set of different products and you can see the theme.

If your a fashion retailer looking for striking still life images that can be adapted to suit multiple formats or advertising media then get in contact for a quote

Product packshot photography, clothes on rail in lifestyle setting shot in london studio
Still life composition of fashion items and accessories in london studio, product photography