creative cosmetic packshots

Checkout some of the lovely ingredients used in this latest series of product packshot photography created for Tamese&Jackson, a new brand of halal-certified, wholesome (tayyib) personal care products ethically produced in the United Kingdom.

fresh ingredients photographed as a macro closeup highlighting details and textures used in the cosmetic product packshots, still life photography 

The wonderfully fresh ingredients add an additional level of interest to the cosmetic products, utilising the colours and beautiful textures found only in the real and fresh produce. Below are a few examples where the ingredients were used to help create each packshot. 

Cosmetic packshot photography with fresh ingredients including orchid and papaya fruit. Still life product photography for cosmetic beauty products.

The packshots were produced as a series of e-commerce style shots for the online store. The  techniques behind the lighting style - being evenly spread across both sides of the products - provides an easily replicated formula for shooting multiples of product sets over one session. Quality and speed are perfect matched for a this series of sleek cosmetic product packshots. 

Product packshot of cosmetics captured on white with reflection, high quality still life packshot photography from London

If you're in need of high quality product packshot photography or perhaps more creative, advertising style still life photography then check out a few more of images in my portfolio pages or my latest blog.  Or feel free to get in touch