creative jewellery photography

A large proportion of my client base require creative still life jewellery photography. I've recently been shooting on different locations in London, creating small bespoke creative sets in which jewellery is artfully placed. Below are a few recent examples - you can see more of the collection on the Ruifier website and on their Instagram feed.

jewellery earring studs on bright colour creative still life London jewellery photographer
still life creative jewellery photographer, necklace and rings create a graphic design with bold shadows. london photographer 

I enjoy collaborating with jewellery brands, creating and taking inspiration from their own unique style and adding a bit of artistic license.  Sometimes the ideas are based around the products themselves; in other cases, a theme or particular event is used as inspiration.

Most of the photography for this collection was shot on mini-sets created using blocks and coloured paper.  The stunning final images combine simple materials, a good imagination, clever lighting and professional retouch. 

colourful and unique and creative jewellery photography from London based product photographer
3 colours with jewellery. Rings on pillars creative set build photography in London
bracelets and necklace make up this creative jewellery photograph by London still life photographer
beautiful unique soft jewellery ring and necklace still life composition

If you're looking for jewellery photography from one of London's leading jewellery photographers you've come to right place. Whether you have a new premium piece that will shine in my creative images, or need creative photography to help launch a new product range, get in contact and we can share ideas

hompage banner shot for London jewellery company Ruifier, colourful unique bracelets in a creative still life shot with paper