Still Life Photographer - London Cosmetics - Creative Gold Makeup.

This week's blog showcases still life photography for an interesting new cosmetic brand, Asia. Their Pure Gold range, consisting of face mask, toner and scrub, contain real gold flakes which sparkled luxuriously under the studio lights.

creative still life photography of liquid gold cosmetics created by London product photographer howlett photography

The creative still life image above was created by mixing gold paint to the perfect viscosity and capturing the liquid splash at just the right momment at high speed. As you can imagine this type of shot takes a few attempts to get just the right amount of splash and ripple! Technical lighting, a little bit of patience and touch magical post production made this shot a success.

High quality product pack shot of cosmetics. Facial mask with gold flakes on white reflective background. Premium product photography form still life photographer chris howlett
Product packshot on white as a cutout with reflection. Group of cosmetic products shot in London product photography studio 

If your launching a new cosmetic product range or need updated product photography for your products then get in contact for a quote or just to discuss your ideas.