creative Still Life Cosmetic Packshots

Latest product photography for a new cosmetics range, Tropika, producing beauty products, message oils and creams containing only natural products - free from chemicals and made with natural ingredients.  The brief was to create a set of images on a white background using the ingredients as props, creating a luxury feel that reflects the fresh, bright and clean nature of the products.

Product packshot of beauty products on a white background, ingredients placed around the cosmetic products with strong bold shadows, A London creative lifestyle photographer

The product photography was created using a mixture of strong, hard lighting and soft fill for the shadows, both overhead and tabletop. When photographing white products on white background it's important to get the mixture and combination just right. Considered styling with carefully placed props, combined with balanced lighting, gives a fresh clean look.

still life creative packshot with beauty products on white clean background taken in London studio
creative still life of beauty product ingredients for instagram 
creative still life cosmectics product shot for social media
tabletop luxury product photography. cosmetics with ingredeints shot on a white reflective luxury surface, London product packshot photography

I also created a series of images for social media; on left are a few shots used on Instagram and other social media sites.

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