product packshot photography & lifstyle

Creating advertising and packshot photography for a new product range is a regular request; this week's blog features web and lifestyle images for new revolutionary shower head, The Orb Spa.  Its unique and innovative design made it easy to highlight its capabilities in different lifestyle scenarios.

product packshot photography London, a still life set of 3 shower head products, high end luxury reflective metallic finish, the pack shots on white background created in London studio
Lifestyle packshot photography, a model in shower with product in bathroom setting, Advertising lifestyle product packshot

One of the major features of the shower head is its ability to create an even spray of water, so the final descriptive shot on the right, with the water flow against a black background, was captured at high speed, taken in-studio. 

The first set of images are examples of high end packshots, taken at various angles - detailing the removable mid-section along with the luxurious metallic finish.

The lifestyle shots were created at a London photography house. These were just simple images shot with a model in a bathroom setting, showing the shower head in full use.

advertising product packshot, shower head against dark background with high speed capturing water in flow. Creative still life from London photographer

If you're launching a new product or are perhaps a new start up business and in need of high quality product photography then get in touch -  I love working with new clients and have special rates for new start-ups, drop me a line to discuss your project.