Advertising Drinks Product Photography

Some clients come to me with the exact idea of what they require, others ask me to create the whole concept from start to finish. The following product photography was definitely the former. The client had previous images from a photoshoot last year, my job was to replicate the packshots exactly, ensuring the images had space for text and the final Still Life packshot would follow the brief. I was provided with a template which i used as guideline when placing the product. Each packshot required space around the final images so it could be wrapped around the square packaging box.

drinks and food advertising photography. still life drinks on tea leafs photographed in London studio
High speed water splash photography for advertising by London still life photographer. Drinks bottle in splash


The following examples will be used for both advertising photography and product packaging. The drinks and will be on sale this christmas. The drink products were placed on a large collection of dry tea leaves which also provide the main ingredient to the drink. I have posted the part of the image that will be on the front of the packaging. The full images supplied to the client contain more of the background so their graphics team have more of the image to move around and fit in copy and logo and information.

Packshots of drink bottles on white reflection, Drinks and food photography by advertising London photographer howlett photo