Still life products & festive collections


As the festive holiday is now over and i am back in the studio i can share a few of my Still Life product imagery that have been used over the festive period in magazines, gift guides and other publications. More often than not my work can not be showcased case until it has been officially published, sometimes this can be months after the creative photography was taken and in some cases the first i am aware of its publication is when i see the image in print.

product photography at christmas

Every year i shoot products in a still life setup for different clients, sometimes these are planned months in advance and photographed in the middle of the summer, others are last minute requests. Not all the work i complete makes its to print and on occasion the image created will get shelved for reasons out of my control, these images i can't share with you however the following still life creative photography were used this year so i am happy to share them with you. Hope you all had a great christmas and new year and I look forward to sharing more imagery with you over the following months.

christmas perfume photography