Fashion accessories, still life and jewellery

Print media demands the highest quality imagery in a large resolution format which retains detail and rendition somehow lost on the average computer screen. So, of course, I was thrilled to see my work feature in two recent publications, printed on high density magazine paper. Both publications for luxury brands Waldorf Astoria and Conrad feature still life compositions of fashion products, jewellery and accessories. The double page spreads were based on city breaks - New York, Dublin and Lisbon - and highlighted the essential accessories one might want to take along.  All photography and post production was completed at our new photographic studio in south london.

"Wandering the streets around Conrad Dublin calls for easy, timeless accessories that nod to the city’s rich literary history."

mens fashion accessories, still life product photography featuring clothing jewellery shoes and accessories. All products shot in london photo studio by chris howlett photography

"Get close to the beautiful flora and fauna surrounding Conrad Algarve with accessories that are made for adventure"

still life fashion accessories from New York. All the products, handbags jewellery dresses and shoes you would need on a city break. Product packshot photography completed by London still life photographer chris howlett

"Step out of Conrad New York and make your mark on Manhattan in a pop of colour, complemented by sleek black accessories embellished with gold"

Jewellery design layout example. Gold Luxury watches make up this design layout with jewellery pieces on white gloss blocks

When providing photography for print, it's important to consider where text will be positioned. In most cases, the text and art design of the page dictates the positioning of products. An example of this can be seen in the layout of the shot of gilded watches: on the right is the final design with all text and copy applied; below is the original shot with large areas of negative space. Both creative spread shots below were created using white perspex blocks, adding depth and interest to the images without complicating or overpowering the products themselves.

Jewellery photography in london by Chris Howlett. Selection of gold watches placed on glossy white neutral background. Advertising style product photography shot in London photo studio

As with most of my product photography, the images are made up of several images, or a composite, however, the result is a relatively non-complex medium for promoting full ranges of products.  Getting the best quality image requires multiple shots of both products and backgrounds, and the next examples of product photography provided for magazines, follow a similar style using perspex blocks along with considered styling and lighting.   

Still life mens winter clothing and accessories. Captured at South London photographic studio by product and still life photographer chris howlett.
Layout for magazine publication. still life fashion products on white background with text and products

If your in need of photography for either print publications or for online advertisements get in contact to discuss to requirements

mens bag, fashion still for magazine publication, still life photography from London jewellery and product photographer Chris howlett