London Food Photography - On location

Last November I produced food photography for a fantastic new restaurant in Limehouse. Teaming up again with food stylist, Lauren Becker, this week's blog features food & drink photography for website, menus and advertising imagery all for  The Straight & Narrow, a stunning, brand new cocktail and piano bar in east London.

Food photography for restaurants in London. A collection of meals, drinks, cocktails and deserts. All completed by London still life food photographer  chris howlett

I love working with new startups - the buzz and excitement is infectious, and makes me feel like I'm on the cusp of the start of the next big thing. This project was no exception, and the fare designed and executed by Head Chef Dave Cousins mirrors the ethos of the hard graft and determination present in my own work; a collaboration which will keep this much-welcomed eatery on the London map, hopefully for many years to come.

Restaurant menu food photography. Overhead shot of 3 course meal in London restaurant THe Straight & Narrow. Food photography completed by Still life food & drink photographer chris howett

The lighting was quite straight forward, with one main light from behind and one soft fill light.  I used extra harder light bounced back into the darker areas of the image to lift the contrast and provide a premium look to the photography. Working with Lauren meant that the style remained fresh, complementary and contemporary - clean lines on marbled surfaces echo the stylish setting, and bright colours bring all of the images to life.

London food photographer chris howlett. Desserts and coffee make up this still life food photograph
South London food photography, mackerel starter dish with whisky cocktail form still life food photographer chris howlett based in london
London food photography, food and drinks main meal with cocktails from london resturant
food photography, starter with cocktail drink on marble surface, luxury food photography from London

The lighting style complements the fresh look of daylight across the luxurious surfaces. This type of lighting makes even a cold surface such as as marble as inviting and warm as the food, which tastes just as good as it looks. 

Next week's blog......advertising food photography, the humble chicken burger elevated to funk status!