Advertising food photography - London resturants

I was approached to complete some advertising food photography for new south London restaurant Fancy Funkin Chicken in Brixton. The restaurant serves delicious free range chicken including burgers, cocktails and drinks. The brief was to capture a few advertising lifestyle packshots using the decor available in the restaurant, including the rustic wood tabletops and the brick wall surfaces. The overall look is a classic lifestyle advertising image.

Advertising food photography for chicken restaurant fancy funkin chicken. A tropical burger with cocktail drink chips and coleslaw, south London food packshot photographer 

The menu has a slight south American influence with both spicy, sweet and tropical burgers to choose from. It was important to show this with well placed ingredients and this is where the styling comes in. The final part of this advertising photographic style was the lighting, created with three lights, one from behind and two front lights.

London food photography, the burger shot. Advertising still life food photographer, The spicy chicken burger with drinks chips and chilli
advertising still life food photographer, the chicken cheese melt burger. served with chips and beer

After the photography was complete i was able to enjoy a burger myself and i can confirm they look as good as they taste, so much so i have been back as a customer. If your looking for a nice place to eat and fancy something nicer than the usual chicken burger on offer head down to Fancy Funkin Chicken.

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