Jewellery photographer London & the UK

I really enjoy shooting jewellery and the technical demands that good jewellery photography requires. I have built up a variety of jewellery clients, mostly based around Hatton Garden, but also all over London. Providing both creative and packshot photography. Below are a few examples of recently completed work.

Jewellery photography London, diamond bangles and gold and silver rings create this creative packshot from still life jewellery photographer Howlett Photography

The keys to good jewellery photography are patience, good technical knowledge and a very good quality lens. Shooting premium jewellery with only a high quality lens gives you the required sharpness and detail, pretty important when magnifying jewellery up to 1:1.

Creative still life jewellery photography. Gold link bangle and diamond ring on marble surface, premium glossy packshot photography from London based product photographer chris howlett

Each client has a different set of requirements, some require creative still life photography and others need cutouts or packshots on white. Some of the shots themselves will require different techniques; a beveled wedding ring, for instance, will need a different setup to a diamond engagement ring.

London packshot jewellery photography, two emerald earings with reflection from product photographer chris howlett
Ruby ring packshot jewellery photography London based still life photographer howlett photography

Jewellery photography doesn't often need a multitude of light sources; more often than not a ring shot may only require just one key light with only an additional hard light for the gems and diamonds. It's not the amount of lights that you use but how you balance and control the light which is important. And with the help of black and silver card creating additional highlights, you'll be sure to produce a high end, professionally finished final image.

Creative still life jewellery photography, Set of three rings with soft shadow on white, blue saphires on silver rings, London jewellery photographer