Packshot photography suitable for large scale prints.

Not the most creative packshots i have ever done but possible some of the biggest. A large product shot for in-store display. Measuring over 2 and half meters long. With such a massive print its was imperative the products were photographed using a very high resolution camera and are technically perfect.

Advertising and product photography by London still life photographer chris howlett. Hanging YSL handbag on white textured background. 

Shot on Phaseone 645 with a super high definition digital back. First I photographed the bag in portrait full frame and then photographed the background twice to upscale and create a very large resolution image. Below is another simple but clean large print for in store. This time i had to consider text which would be added in on the left hand side of the image afterwards by the client.

Creative product photography by London still life photographer Chris Howlett. Black animal skin YSL handbag against teal wall.