Still Life Jewellery Packshot photography

Still Life jewellery photographer chris howlett

Creating high end packshots for various jewellery companies is a large part of being a still life product photographer. Although i am mainly approached to create still life collections, the individual jewellery packshots are still a favourite and regular part of what i do in the London studio. Recently i have been busy creating still life jewellery photography in different creative styles, on various materials utilising different props at the London studio. I can't wait to share them with you once they are published. For now i have a few examples of some recent jewellery packshots that i can showcase.

Two ring packshot with shadows and reflections by still life product photographer Chris Howlett

Over the years i have perfected the techniques required for the superior quality my clients now demand. The key to successful jewellery packshots is perfecting the balance between quality and quantity. In the next still life jewellery photography post i will describe some of these techniques in greater detail. 

If you are jewellery company or brand in need product photography please get in contact and i will be happy to provide a competitive quote