Jewellery Packshots & Creative Still Life

It's great when i get the opportunity to create both still life jewellery photography and packshots for the same client. This week i wish to show case some of the test work i have done for a jewellery client. I really enjoy creating bespoke creative jewellery photography and take satisfaction in photographing the best collections including all packshots for all the new products. Everything is shot in the London studio. 

Still Life product photographer chris howlett advertising jewellery watches products. Packshot of jewellery and watches created in london studio
London jewellery photographer advertising and still life, packshot of necklace

As a still life jewellery photographer I have a vast amount of backgrounds and props to use when creating the "look" In this instance I wanted something different. The creative look came from the interesting textures in the leaves.  I also created depth and bit more texture with a light spray of water droplets.  Clever lighting techniques and careful arrangement of the jewelleryadded to creating the one dynamic product photo.

Ring advertising packshot from still life photographer based in london

As part of the still life product photography process my secret weapons include silver card, good prop wax. and  goodlighting techniques. I also ensure the whole image is focus and combine multiple images and of course, creative thinking. The job is made much easier when the jewellery products are of such a high quality and brilliant unique design.

If you are a jewellery company or design agency looking for a still life jewellery photographer then get in touch for a test shoot or quote; I'm always happy to discus your requirements.

advertising packshot of a pair of rose earrings from London jewellery photographer Chris Howlett