Creative Still Life Fashion Kidswear.

The new London photography studio is complete and the studio space is now available for large scale fashion shoots with models, art directors, stylists along with anyone else who wants to attend! The studio is also suitable for advertising, still life, jewellery, packshots -  a variety of creative product photography, large or small.

The creative overhead flats of kidswear, were photographed for a large high street retailer and illustrates one example of the diversity of client requirements that can be fulfilled within the new studio space.

advertising product photography kidswear on colourful style still life setup by London product photographer chris howlett

Overheads and fashion flats require just a small space, although it is great to sometimes have more space than you need. This hasn't always been the case for me and in the past; as a London product photographer I have worked in some really small studios in London. I can recall a particular location shoot on the top floor of Harvey Nichols in Kensington, where transporting equipment up a spiral staircase to a tiny loft space became a rather difficult challenge.  

product photography London creative overhead fashion products. kids wear flats photographed in London studio

Another benefit of such a great studio space is being able to shoot everything in one location with no additional studio fees for the client. With an extensive cove, lovely hair & makeup area and a large kitchen, the space can accommodate the most demanding clients and creates a great atmosphere. Why not enquire for your next fashion lookbook shoot or for advertising product photography.

shoes product photography London fashion flats in a creative way studio photography London