Creative cosmetic product photography

Cosmetic products benefit from clever lighting techniques and creative thinking, something a good still life photographer has in abundance. A strong collaborative approach to the art direction, with a few Pinterest boards and a strong concept, resulted in a set of creative still life photography suitable for printing in the House of Fraser Beauty Guide. 

Creative product photography, lipsticks melting by London still life photographer

The brief was to keep the background clean so as to remain versatile at the design stage whilst also creating bright, glossy still life photography. The shot of melting lipsticks above was used to illustrate the newest colours and shades in the latest lipstick collections. The next image is a set of foundations and blushes used to create interesting shapes and textures 

Still life cosmetics, creative product and still life photographer

Below are few more images from the collection: nail varnish drips, moisturisers, creams and eye shadow pencil. 

Creative product photography cosmetics on white background still life London photographer

As a still life photographer I get the chance to work with both advertising agencies and small business owners. No matter how big or small the client, i always endeavour to provide a unique and exclusive creative process. A great piece of product advertising starts with a great idea and a collaborative approach, so get in touch to discuss your next project.