Beauty swirls smudges & cosmetic photography

Creative product photography of melted lipsticks in different shades of red. Advertising photographer Chris Howlett based in London still life studio.

As a advertising photographer a lot of my time is spent in the London studio creating still life images and creative advertising photography for cosmetic and other makeup brands. I love shooting perfumes and cosmetics, and this week I have a few creative abstract images of makeup products.

I used lipsticks, nail varnishes and makeup powders to create some abstract designs and pattens by crushing, smudging and melting. The client required the images to be used in print so all images were shot on my super high resolution camera with (in my opinion) the best and sharpest medium format lens in the world. This was important as the images, printed on very large scale would still capture the textures and the quality even at very large print size.

A set of creative product photography of broken up makeup powders in two different shades, bright blue and green colours. Advertising product photographer Chris Howlett London still life photography

I also shoot creative video and recently I shot and edited an advertising video for a major cosmetics company. It was great fun and I hope to post the latest work soon so stay tuned. Remember, you can subscribe to the blog to stay up to date and check out my instagram account for behind-the-scenes and previews of up coming work.

3 different colour nail varnish in swirls to create a bold and colourful abstract advertising product photography. London still life photographer Chris Howlett