Advertising & packshot photography

As a fan of gadgets and mobile accessories i was pleased when brand Olixar approached me for some creative product photography for their website and other promotional material. The request was for a set of bold, colourful and impactive advertising product photography. I wanted to show the quality of the products and give them a premium feel, and where appropriate, would also create "lifestyle" still life images showing the products in use. 

Advertising creative product photography and product packshot photography on white. All created by London product and still life photographer chris howlett

The photography took place at the London studio where I selected the different materials for backgrounds and props that were used to emphasise the use of the products. 

Still life photography, creative product photograph of a 3in1 lens clip for mobile accessory, created by London advertising product photographer chris howlett

The first product was the 3 in 1 camera lens accessory. The brief was to create both product packshots on white and creative still life photography, using bright colours and studio techniques to create a bold style typical of advertising photography.

Still life photography, creative product photography, mobile travel power up kit on map  with travel products, London creative product photographer chris howlett 

The second product, the travel kit, required more descriptive creative shots:  the still life photography had to show the product in use, and any props used had to be relavant to the product. The photography show some of the key uses of the travel kit and although there are obvioius differences to the first set, they are in a similar style.

Packshots of products on white with reflection and still life photography of products in use. All photography created by London still life photographer chris howlett

Great advertising photography and creative still life photography can add value, tell a story or enhance your visual presence in an era where product marketing material is important to success. If you have an idea or product you would like to discuss, get in contact with me and let's creative something amazing!