Advertising Still Life Product Photography London

Getting the chance to create still life product photography from beginning of an idea all the way through to completion is a pleasure, especially when you can see the success and growth of a brand or company. It's great to be able to carry over the creative direction from the still life product photography to the packshot photography. For this shoot the colour pallet was bright and impactive and the theme was cymk. The bright colours and style was to remain the same for both the advertising and the packshot photography. 

product photography london creative product photography of cosmetics and still life products by product photographer

I have had a lot of experience in advertising and product photography which has given me the skills and knowledge to successfully carry over the art direction and create a synergy for a brand that requires a large volume of product photography. All the images were used for print and web which emphasised the importance for technical superiority and consitancey

creative product photography still life by London product photographer chris howlett

In London there are lots of fantastic creative people and I enjoy collaborating with different brands and agencies to create great imagery. Still life sets are often much smaller and only have a few other people present but art directors and stylist often attend the shoots.

London product photographer, desktop tidy on yellow wall advertising photography

If you are a brand or agency in need of any creative photography please get in contact for a quote or test shoot. I would be happy to discuss your requirments. 

Advertising product photography headphones on wood pannel and blue. Created in London still life studios